Precision Tungsten Carbide Grinding
& Advanced Ceramic Finishing

At Aggressive Grinding Service, Inc. (AGS), we offer a wide range of services for industrial wear, flow control, and metal forming & cutting applications. As a dock-to-stock supplier, AGS helps you meet the tightest production schedules by achieving the industry's fastest delivery time on all jobs.

We specialize in serving the Aerospace, Industrial, Mining & Construction, Oil & Gas, and Transportation markets, and use the latest technology to support our production and quality control systems that set the industry standard.

10 parts or 10,000 — try us next time you
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Featured Solution

Our Stahli DLM-705 double-disk grinders have the capability to grind at rates 10 times faster than manual machines.

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Aggressive Grinding Service, discusses important parameters for the grinding of advanced ceramic materials.
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